In 2007 Valutrans obtained its license to operate as a Money Transfer services company from the Central Bank of Italy. In a short period of time Valutrans became a leading provider of money remittances, offering fast, accurate, reliable and affordable money transfer services to an extensive number of countries worldwide, with over 350,000 Payment Points in more than 90 countries. Experiencing a continuous growth.

In July 2011, Valutrans obtained the authorization from the Bank of Italy, to transform into a Payment Service Institution according to the Payment Services Directive of the European Union. As a result Valutrans is expanding its operation throughout Europe.. In September of 2011 Valutrans obtained the corresponding registration and authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority, and is pass porting its services into the other countries of the European Union, where our clients, partners and business associates will benefit from the services that Valutrans provides.

UK NFS Ltd., sister company of Valutrans, offer its services under the Valutrans ® service mark, is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under Regulations of the Payment Service Regulations 2009, Register Number 546298, providing payment services.

Our policy is take all the necessary steps to guarantee that payment of the remittances is made instantly and in a secure manner, your money is safe with us..

In the Countries of the European Union where Vautrans is offering its services, it has a Network of Agents that cover the entire territory of each country. Our agent network continues to grow.